Jewish sex chat line

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It was through Jewish community that Logan learned progressive values and, in particular, the value of learning. in human sexuality from NYU, and she currently consults with independent schools in and around New York City on sex education, as well as working with parents and families around sexual communication, giving college lectures, writing and working with the media.

“That’s an amazing place to start talking,” she explains. And she’s coming to Boston on Tuesday, April 30, to speak at both CJP’s Jaffa Society luncheon and the Jewish Federation of the North Shore’s Choose to Connect event to invite Jewish women to engage in honest conversation about sex, sexuality, and our culture.

CBS 2 HD gained exclusive access into this rigid, ultra religious world, and spoke to Hasidic men and women who broke the rules by sneaking on to the Internet. On the Internet there are postings in chat rooms and on craigslist.

One posting advertises a husband and wife, who describe themselves as "frum" or observant.

But in the course of a three-month investigation CBS 2 HD found something hidden -- secrets kept not only from the outside world, but from each other.

Some Hasidic men and women are straying far from their beliefs and breaking their marital vows.

Sex can be a difficult subject for couples to talk about.

How do you break the ice with couples in your sessions?

Here are some ways 1) Sex addiction holds many similarities with other types of addiction, which are classified as mental illness and very much have a home on

“I’m going to use that privilege for good.” She sums up her approach: “I believe in being provocative with a purpose.” I like it! Often we are held back from these conversations because we don’t even have any words to use, we can’t name what we think and feel, and we lack role models.

We don’t hear anyone else having these conversations, so we don’t either. Logan shared a story from when she was still in the hospital after giving birth.

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I am the vice president of a new organization called Refuat Ha Nefesh.

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