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Many packages in a Linux distribution are updated frequently to fix bugs, add features, and protect against security exploits.

When you first launch and connect to an Amazon Linux instance, you may see a message asking you to update software packages for security purposes.

Alpha This is an Alpha release of Instance Group Updater.

This feature might be changed in backward-incompatible ways and is not recommended for production use.

The Managed Instance Group Updater allows you to easily deploy new versions of software to instances in your managed instance groups, while controlling the speed of deployment, the level of disruption to your service, and the scope of the update.

The snippet also shows the Services section, which ensures that the Apache Web Server is running.

It shows how the use of templates makes it possible to use a version control system for the configuration of your AWS infrastructure, just as you use version control for the software you are running.

We will walk through the following steps: We'll begin by creating a stack that we can use throughout the rest of this section.

So if you’re sure that a storage volume is no longer required, then back up the data elsewhere, and then delete the storage volume.

After attaching a storage volume to an instance, to access the block storage, you must mount the storage volume on your instance. subscription, you’re billed for storage volumes even if they aren’t attached to any instance.

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