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This should leave the additional Table Adapter queries (the additional methods) that were added after initial configuration.

Of course the additional methods will also need to be reconfigured if they reference a column that has been removed from the table on the database, or if any of the column definitions change (for example, if the data type is changed or modified).

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However, it was just a blustery mess so I didn't save the [email protected] Perrenoud I am embarrassed to admit that I was one sub-folder off.

Projects/Reservation System/db.accdb was what I modified... Projects/Reservation System/Reservation System/db.accdb was where it was pointed. At least I know the table query method in the Data Set designer works!

If your loading information into your Data Grid View from an Access Database then your most likely storing the Data in a Dataset or Data Table.

Create a Binding Source object, and once you have populated your Data Table/Dataset, set the datasource for your Binding Source to your Data Table.

Then set the Datasource from the Data Grid View as the Binding Source object.

These enhancements were made based on the feedback we received from the community.

With this update, you can now model the primary key for attached SQL Views.

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