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But Jaime Camil, who plays Jane’s long-absent father and telenovela star Rogelio de la Vega, has gained a fierce fan following thanks to his effortless charm, comic delivery, and unusually endearing vanity. Vulture spoke to Camil about what draws him to the soap format and what’s in store [spoiler alert] for Rogelio now that he’s unemployed.

You starred in two of Mexico's most famous telenovelas of all time before transitioning to the telenovela-esque Jane the Virgin.

I've had offers since I was like, 12, but I remain a virgin for my own reasons. It's a personal choice, one I'm perfectly happy with. Most things you see in social medias always have sexual innuendos attached to them. So many people in school are constantly saying "you'll be a virgin for life" or "you're Never going to lose it if you don't go for it soon" but the thing is, there are a number of people in my school who have fallen pregnant and given birth by age 12. I cannot be super careless with sex; it has to have emotion behind it. I don't want to lose it to some ***, and then regret it when someone truly deserving comes past. And it's not like it was by choice I've just never been asked out before or anything like that. Some are saving it for that special someone while some are embarrassed of it , but guys its just a ' state ' ..

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When you're traveling by plane, sometimes things never quite pan out the way you want them to - that cute guy or girl you saw in the gate area isn't sitting in the empty seat next to you, but several rows behind.I know there are a lot of other players on the pitch and because of this I don't know if I will ever score. When people find this out about a person they stereotype them as a prude, someone that's confused, or a loser. Being a virgin doesn't define who I am, it's just... I would put it down to choice, although I've not been in a relationship yet, I've had some offers and I know I'm not unattractive so if I was really wanting to lose it I could find someone to deflower me but that isn't what I want. and the first thing my friend asked me was if I was still a virgin. So, I don't feel uncomfortable when I tell people who ask, it's just, what difference would it make?I'm planning on saving myself for marriage, I have a purity ring, and none of this is important at all... I've had a number of boyfriends over the years, and more than one is an ex because of my refusal to become intimate with them.While it is unclear if any of the messages actually took place between passenger using the app, that lets passengers strike up conversations with others on the same flight by selecting their seat number, the results are humorous nonetheless.Virgin's website states: 'Treat a travel companion or break the ice by sending a drink, meal, or snack to another seat with our Red™ touch screen entertainment system.

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